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Medieval Kingdom Wars brings a fresh perspective to the grand strategy genre, combining it with a full-on real time approach, and daring to go where few strategy games have ventured beforeā€¦Redefining Medieval Grand Strategy, by combining historical accuracy, a huge living and changing world, and historical quests, all in a real-time environment. Build your cities, wage your wars, serve your king, and experience siege combat with a degree of brutality never seen before.

November & December Roadmap and Upcoming Updates 11/20/2017

Hey Everyone, Thank You for supporting our early access production and giving Medieval Kingdom Wars a chance. We have a long journey ahead of us – and as of now, the game is in early pre-alpha state with many months away from completion. With that said – even now MKW has quite a lot to offer, and we are committed to releasing big weekly updates. With over 35 updates since the EA launch this summer,…

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Update 35 – More Improvements – is Here! 11/20/2017

Hello Everyone, What a busy week. We are making a lot of progress on the Diplomacy, and can`t wait to share it with you – but looks like we are still 10+ days away from the first draft. Our animator and artist are busy preparing a unique look for each of the 52 Lords and 14 Rules in the game, and OddConfection is coding away at this monster of the project at full speed. Since…

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Update 29 – The Biggest One – is Live! 09/29/2017

Hey Everyone, Welcome to another big update. Actually – the biggest update we had so far. With over 50 changes and major additions, we are finally ready to present to you our vision for MKW. With most of the foundation in place grand campaign is really starting to take shape and now provides long term challenge. Get ready to suffer crashing defeats, and face overwhelming odds at every step, as you slowly progress through the…

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Update # 23 – The Big One – Is Live! 08/11/2017

Update # 23 – The Big One – Is Live! Hey Everyone, Oh it`s a big one. Our biggest update so far. From improving performance, to fixing over 30 issues and bugs, to amazing new content when it comes to town management and garrisons. But why didn`t stop there…no sir. This update also re-balances entire unit relations system, changes how you play the campaign (no more OP auto-resolve, )and so much more… Next week we…

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Update # 22 (or 12th by the old count) – Is Here! 08/04/2017

Dear Players, Hope everyone`s doing well and ready for a weekend ahead! With today`s update we are starting a three update combo that will completely rework the core worldmap gameplay. Today we introduced the town garrison system and town unit recruitment… Though I must admit – the current system is a work in progress. But it`ll all make perfect sense next week, once we expand the garrison to 30 units, and start adding whatever units…

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July Roadmap and Upcoming Updates 07/04/2017

Dear Players, It`s great to see that so many of you are enjoying this early alpha version of the game. Same time it`s awesome to see stable player numbers and that MKW is not falling through the charts. To be honest – we were worried that things might go badly, considering the Mixed reviews. So – Big Thank You, for the warm reception – this gives us good hope for the future! Also if you`r…

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Update # 6 is Live! 06/26/2017

Dear Players, To end this busy week, another major updates for you. Once again singleplayer campaign is getting a lot of love, and lots of new features. From GUI additions like cycling through the towns your control, or finally being able to build and save walls in your cities. But even more important – a lot of polish and balancing, making campaign more and more playable. We want to wish everyone a great weekend ahead;…

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Updates # 3 & 4 Are Live! 06/26/2017

Dear Players, To end this busy week, we have not one, but two major updates for you. I know that might sound a bit confusing – so let’s just call it Massive Update # 4… yeah nevermind, it`s Friday:) And this hm…. Update 4 is huge! At this point, we can say that Campaign is finally more or less playable, albeit still short some very core functions – like managing units and buildings on the…

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Update # 1 is live! 06/13/2017

Dear Players, We are happy to present the first update for our EA launch. (We were not really counting that hotfix last weekend). In this update, we are starting to pump out campaign mode additions as fast as we can, as well as work on fixing some of the remaining launch issues. Our next big milestone is a planned update on Friday, that will add a lot more campaign features. We are expecting another 4…

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Early Access Has Arrived 06/09/2017

After long three years in production, we are proud to announce the Early Access release of our first true Grand Strategy RTS title – Medieval Kingdom Wars. We are extending an open invitation to Grand Strategy game lovers all over the world to join us in the final stages of its development. Make no mistake: Medieval Kingdom Wars has a solid foundation already, but now we want to invite the Strategy community to get involved….

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