Our 50th Update – Alpha Milestone is here!

Hey Everyone,

We never shy away from admitting that we have really ambitious plans with Medieval Kingdom Wars, and that we still have months and months of work ahead of us. And well – at the moment – MKW is as far from perfection as ….well, it`s just far.

But, with that said – I think we can allow ourselves a little ‘pat on the back’, and maybe a month long vacation (fine, fine – just the back pat thing) – and celebrate the 50th update, and finally reaching the Alpha milestone of production, yay!

None of this would be possible without our player support – so please accept our never ending gratitude for believing in MKW! Special thank you to so many of you who`ve been here with us from Day 1:)

Alpha to Beta plan
Now that at least the majority of the core features are in, we are very excited to see what the next few months will bring as we work towards the Beta milestone, with ETA – later this summer.

First of we plan to wrap up last five core features this spring
-Final Diplomacy features,
-Merchant Trade Menu
-Chaplain Religion Menu
-Multiple Armies in battle
-CoOp and PvP campaign battles.

And last but not least – we are finally wrapping up a total upgrade of our game engine, switching to DirectX 11/12 tech – expected later this spring as well. Not only will it get MKW to look much better, but should also resolve the majority, if not all, performance issues.

With all of this done we`ll start working on polishing and adding to the content – unique units for all nations, more towns, new tutorial, a lot of polish to the combat and so much more.

But all of this is still to come, for now lets look at today`s Update # 50:

New Features
-Trade Goods production added to various buildings that players can construct in towns, production stacks up with more buildings of the same type
-Auto Trade Goods production added to various town and hamlet locations
-Added ability to sell Trade Goods with right click on the goods in the Steward window
-Added auto-healing to armies near friendly towns
-Added manual healing option to army units near friendly towns – click on a unit

Fixes and Improvements
-Fixed various bugs with units spawning with damaged battalions
-Changed the font used by the Chinese translation
-Updated the smallest game fonts to appear much larger
-Fixed various issues with Chinese translation fonts
-Solution for rare crash issue effecting very small number of players – requires game reinstall
-Winning battles reward greatly increased
-Removed trade goods reward for loosing battles

Balance Changes
-Re-Balanced prices for each technology, prices are greatly increased towards 400% boost
-AI will heal units significantly faster depending on difficulty
-Auto-healing player units is now depended on difficulty
-Ranged units gain significant boost, up to 30% higher attacks values
-Nerfed low tier infantry including Maceman and Billman – less protection vs archers, or high tier melee

  • nocroman

    Lets get some things straight. 1) There needs to be moveable screens so I can put info of what I have in my cities where I want it on my screen. That called handicapped accessible.
    2) a delate needs to be added so players can delete campaigns that did not go so well or only want 1 campaign going at a time.
    3) prices for technology are still way too high. Beginning tech can cosy as much as $10K to buy everything needed to make a breakthrough for simple tech’s. And that is on the easy game setting.