Medieval Kingdom Wars features a variety of features that breath new life into the grand strategy game genre:

  • Innovative Real-Time Strategy with a single player grand campaign and solo/co-op multi-player modes
  • A grand campaign that puts the player in charge of a lordship entangled by domestic and international politics
  • The bloody siege combat of the period, with numerous survival elements and brutal historical realism. Includes looting corpses and hunting rats to feed your starving garrison
  • Realistic, medieval siege combat with intricate stronghold construction, and over 30 siege weapons and units
  • Featuring the most detailed and beautiful maps seen in this genre. The world map covers all of Western Europe
  • The complex city-building and economic model carries over seamlessly, from the skirmish battles to the grand campaign
  • One game combines players’ favorite features from the most popular RTS and Grand Strategy games on the market
  • A completely new IP, yet it will feel familiar.
  • Beautiful, yet gory game world where players fight across epic battlefields, and play a role in the grand events of the Medieval Europe
  • Solo and multiplayer skirmish and coop modes, with thousands of other players and a full set of features from ranking to guilds.

As well as:

  • Beautiful and Dynamic World Map
  • Real Time Grand Strategy Approach
  • Incredible Historical Accuracy
  • Complex Economic Survival Model
  • Non-linear Quests, Multiple Paths
  • Political Relations with Other Lords
  • Construct Enormous Castles
  • Complex Technology Tree
  • Weather and Seasons Change
  • Powerful World Editor & Workshop