July Roadmap and Upcoming Updates

Dear Players,

It`s great to see that so many of you are enjoying this early alpha version of the game. Same time it`s awesome to see stable player numbers and that MKW is not falling through the charts. To be honest – we were worried that things might go badly, considering the Mixed reviews. So – Big Thank You, for the warm reception – this gives us good hope for the future!

Also if you`r enjoying the game, or have some suggestions, please take a moment to drop by our Steam forums, or consider reviewing the game at whatever portal you purchased MKW.

We try to consider all of Your suggestions and reply to every post. And we always appreciate more reviews as well – to show the new players what the game is like.

But first… lets start with some bittersweet news (bitter for our players, sweet for us)

Vacation Time….
Both of our developers (myself and OddConfection) are taking a long planned vacation in July (can`t remember last time we been out). So unfortunately from around 15th until 22nd there will be no updates. But we`ll be sure to make up for it before we leave, and once we are refreshed and back – expect a flurry of new updates. Meanwhile Langor will still be available on the forums to read through and reply to all the posts.

Now lets look onto the plans for July…

July Development Roadmap
During July we hope to add last of the core features into the game, these will include:

World Map Unit Management – this is HUGE, and the main core element missing right now. We are doing away with the whole Army level thing, instead – just like in majority of grand strategy games – you will be able to train troops and transfer them between armies and towns.

World Map Building Management – also big part of the core campaign – instead of going into View Town Mode all the time, you will be able to construct buildings, right on the world map (for now using Silver, until we add world map town economy).

Naval Combat – the boarding actions, battles will start with a dozen of ships already in boarding position, and a quick fixed force battle taking place. The whole thing is simplified compared to games like Total War, and works more like naval battles in some of the Mount and Blade mods, but we are taking our time to make it very atmospheric, and dramatic. Besides – who has the time to chase ships over the water map for an hour?:)

Saving Units, Livestock e.t.c – as part of the WM Unit Management update – units will also save in battle, in view mode e.t.c

Spawning Units on the battle maps – same time we`ll be adding proper spawn position for all troops and economy units on all levels (right now they just all spawn by the town hall)

Research Tree, Locking stuff until researched – also a huge addition. Right now everything in-game is unlocked, however we have a huge progression in-mind (similar to what we did in KW2B, but with a tech tree that`s twice as big). Once this is in – we`ll lock something like 70% of available buildings, techs, units, abilities e.t.c and you will need to research it in the Steward menu as you progress through building your empire. As for the trade crafting components used to unlock techs, we`ll come up with some quick way to generate these for now (until full trade economy is in)

New Town Levels – we are adding a number of new town levels, this will help with variety quite a big. Also each starting town (for HRE, Castile e.t.c) will be unique now.

New Hamlets level – same time we are working on more hamlets designs – including fishing villages, small harbors e.t.c

Expanding the Random Map – right now most levels for Army vs Army or Hamlet attack look the same – just some Oaks, maybe a lake and a river there. in July we are greatly updating this system to include a lot of new terrain – from dense forests, to swamps.

Reworking Army Vs Army – Right now it`s too similar to Army Attack, instead it will see greatly reduced building options, and more of a fixed force scenario approach.

Bug Fixes and Improvements – there are over 50 other smaller bug fixes and improvements planned – too many to get into, but yeah – something like 36 of these are Your suggestions and bug reports, so once again – Thank You!