Release Date Announced – June 8th

And it`s time to finally announce the release date for Medieval Kingdom Wars EA launch…. Next Thursday Afternoon, June the 8th – we are set to welcome players old and new to join us for the Early Access launch.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of our KW1 and K2B players join us for the launch. Our team will be in-game entire weekend to welcome the players, and play skirmish matches with out veterans.

Meanwhile some updates to let you know what to expect in the next few days…

We are hard at work on our pre-EA build now, expecting to launch it by Tuesday. This build will give first look at the campaign gameplay to our veteran players who get the chance to play the game prior to EA launch. Around same time we`ll be giving media access to the game.

Work continues on our second developer diary – showing siege of Paris and all of the siege combat features is half, we expect to release is just prior to launch – on Wednesday next week.

And finally – this weekend, we are going to officially announce the game to the world, including well over 200k previous DoF, KW1 and KW2B players, as well as the wider gaming media. So we expect to see a lot more traffic in the already busy forums, as curious fans of Medieval RTS and Grand Strategy join us in anticipating the MKW launch next week.

We`ll continue to try and reply to your every question in the forums, but keep in mind – as we get closer to the launch deadline, and more and more players join the forums, we will probably not be able to reply quick enough. We`ll catch up with all the forum replies shortly after release.

As always – thank you for all your support! And fingers crossed – launch goes well.