Summer Roadmap and Upcoming Updates

Hey Everyone,

It`s time to reveal or plans for the next 4 months, as we are starting work towards the Beta milestone. With nearly 55 updates since launch 11 months ago, things are about to get very interesting as we nearing completion on several huge projects that`s been in the making for months. And as soon as we get through this, it`ll be time to rework and polish, including long overdue work on interface and combat.

So without further introduction lets take a look into production plans for the next four months. Bellow list only includes the biggest features of each update.

And if you have any questions or need clarifications – please don`t hesitate to ask:)

And so – off to work, to make this beautiful 4 months plan happen. Thanks for all your continuous support, and here`s to the Beta milestone.


Update # 54
ETA: Mid May
-Multiple armies in auto-resolve
-Various fixes on a dozen of bugs
-A lot of new music

Update # 55
ETA: Late May
-Multiple armies in battle
-Various fixes on a dozen of current bugs
-New town: Norwich

Update # 56
ETA: Mid June
-Direct X 11 – Part 1 – same visuals but improved performance
-Fixed various Direct X 9 related bugs
-New way to create armies with Lord or Adviser
-Tooltips for every single element of the Interface
-Building city walls on the worldmap
-Updated diplomacy features for minor lords
-Becoming the King, ruling as a King and hiring lords
-New diplomatic features as a King
-New town: Lisbon
-New terrain set: Forest

Update # 57
ETA: Late June
-Direct X 11 – Part 2 – changing resolution in-game, windowed mode
-Major updates to World Map AI, friendly lord assistance, lords working together in attacks
-Major updates to World Map AI: no suicide attacks, looking for weaker points, ambushes
-CoOp battles with inviting another player or friends army
-New terrain set: Farmland
-New town: Cagliari

Update # 58
ETA: Early July
-Direct X 11 – Part 3 – Various visual filters and visual improvements enabled
-Each nation get a roaster of unique troops, completely different from each nation
-Major updates to World Map AI, friendly lord assistance, lords working together in attacks
-PvP campaign battles, with another player or friend replacing AI in a battle
-New Advisers menu: Court Chaplain, introducing of Cards advantages on the world map and battle
-New terrain set: Southern Plains
-New town: Dublin

Update # 59
ETA: Late July
-New Tutorial Campaign added with nearly 10 missions and a lot of world map gameplay. Fully voice acted
-Direct X 11 – Part 4 – Final visual improvements
-New Advisers menu: Merchant, introducing various trade features
-Final CoOp campaign features like sending resources
-Selecting color and banner for your troops

Update # 60
ETA: Early August
-Major polishing update, with 50+ fixes across the board
-First polishing update to the interface
-Major update to pathfinding – battalions sticking together
-First of the quests added, various historical events
-Skirmish Menu redesigned

Update # 61
ETA: Late August
-Various player requested fixed and updates
-Work on balancing, improving starts
-Additional quests added, various historical events

  • Sid Spears

    thnx for this wonderful game devs …. but i find it increasingly confusing with the technology tree UI … as it was hard for me too look at the portraits and choose which technology i needed … as for the graphics and animations i couldn’t ask much more from a 3 men team … but there a various flaws with the animations which I thinks you may fix it up in the future updates … such as pike men fighting other men but i never knew whether they were actually fight cuz i couldn’t see any physical contact with any of my enemies … and last of all I feel that if u can bring still portraits for kings and lords and court people rather than the 3d models thats been currently used … and please do an overhaul with the UI .. it would be much better if the text are a bit bolder and more readable … i love this game and i will continue supporting your wonderfl project !!!!

  • reaperz

    would you ever consider adding new achievements to the game like ones for rising to a king and one for conquering all of france as england, capturing rome as HRE etc.