Update # 22 (or 12th by the old count) – Is Here!

Dear Players,

Hope everyone`s doing well and ready for a weekend ahead! With today`s update we are starting a three update combo that will completely rework the core worldmap gameplay.

Today we introduced the town garrison system and town unit recruitment… Though I must admit – the current system is a work in progress. But it`ll all make perfect sense next week, once we expand the garrison to 30 units, and start adding whatever units you had in battle or in town view mode to the garrison. We`ll also introduce building and unit silver upkeep cost, and smart unit placement at the start of the battle (no more raves by the town hall).

Another thing of note, to avoid confusion in the future we decided to change how we refer to our updates. From now on we`ll use the game version to refer to our updates. So today`s update # 12th – would be Update 22. Sorry for any confusion this might cause, so yay – update 23 nextweek:)

In addition we are making a lot of changes to the world map level design, and are happy to introduce our 4th town level – Nantes, France. This huge river port city is waiting for you both in Skirmish and in campaign.

As always – Thank You for your continuous support, and can`t wait for the epic new update next week.

And so – presenting Update # 22

-Towns can now hold garrison of up to 12 units (to be expanded to 30 in the next update)
-Towns can now recruit units
-In View Town mode population temporarily reduced to 12 (will be back to 30 in the next update)
-Translated all the current not localized text
-New Level added to Skirmish – Nantes
-Changed levels for most of the world map towns, adjusted strength values, more variety
-Cleared and improved Hamlet locations on the world map
-Added new world map markers for hamlets – look like large villages or small towns now
-Nantes added to the world map, used for several shore towns, level 4
-In Skirmish AI partner will no longer constantly open gates
-In Skirmish AI partner will no longer order player wall construction
-Redesigned Pirineos mountains on the world map
-Redesigned Portugal on the world map – less mountains
-Redesigned Wales mountains, Breacon Beacons much smaller, and massive Snowdonia mountains.
-Moved Barcelona Hamlet on the World Map into it`s proper location
-Fixed minor issue with hamlets and army camps having extra 6 population in battles
-Various small GUI improvements: tooltip for town buildings fixed, move and scaled some strings
-Added scrollbar to long nation descriptions
-Fixed skirmish bug where friends would not see each other games

  • Yuri R

    Just one thing, Pamplona should be south of the pyrinees.
    Great job!