Update # 23 – The Big One – Is Live!

Update # 23 – The Big One – Is Live!

Hey Everyone,

Oh it`s a big one. Our biggest update so far. From improving performance, to fixing over 30 issues and bugs, to amazing new content when it comes to town management and garrisons. But why didn`t stop there…no sir. This update also re-balances entire unit relations system, changes how you play the campaign (no more OP auto-resolve, )and so much more…

Next week we have a major sale event for MKW, and fingers crossed, by next weekend we should see the player population reach 100-150 players online at once. This should help us get some multiplayer skirmish games going – a welcomed break from playing singleplayer campaign all the time.

And of-course – you can expect another awesome update next week. For more details on what`s coming please don`t forget to check the August Roadmap here:

Thanks for all the support guys, it`s amazing to see review score edging closer towards a Very Positive score.

Best Wished for the Weekend Ahead!

And yeah… – presenting Update # 23

-Town GUI relocated to the bottom of the screen, to be further rearranged and updated
-Town GUI garrison menu now allows training all units include siege and support
-Towns now remember units at the end of the battle, and save these units to the garrison
-Expanded Town Garrisons to 30 units
-New Major Video Quality setting – Model Quality now available in the Options Menu
-Complete reworked Auto-Resolve code, no longer favors the player, and mostly depends on Level +-20%
-Greatly improved performance in all large town sieges, still not perfect, but much better

-Fixed major problem with user interface breaking when going into a battle from the world map
-Improved Defending AI – will move more units of more types to garrison the walls
-Town GUI garrison and buildings – cursor automatically changes to an empty slot for the next building or unit
-Towns will no longer auto spawn serfs and chickens, instead added these to the town Garrison on default
-Skirmish for new players on default only features 1 AI attacker, not 3 AIs
-Large Chat fonts will increase font size everywhere
-Fixed campaign news feed lines cutting in two
-Better art for GUI Garrison unit and empty slot
-New campaign now starts in March instead of January
-Translated some of newer text into all 6 languages
-Improved Spanish translation, many thanks to our player Alonso for helping out
-Improvement to all translations
-Fixed German tutorial text – was shown in English before
-Increasing Chat Font in the options increases font everywhere else in-game, applies after restarting the game
-Fixed double quest pop-up window on starting new campaign when skipping the cinematic
-Paris Notre Dame will no longer burn down after a few hits with the weird texture
-Paris and Nantes levels fixed a few holes units would use to sneak through walls
-Fixed Paris and Nantes gatehouse barricades not removing once building town stone towers
-Fixed problem with Hamlet world map design not showing properly in the new campaigns
-World Map fixes – change Dodger Bank to Dogger Bank
-Fix bug with the new campaign start not being about to zoom in and out, or use the edge screen scroll
-Fixed siege weapon not properly forming when group of them is tasked
-Campaign map properly centers on reload
-Various tutorial fixes and changes
-Tutorial now uses new type of closable text window

-Fixed a lot of small lag spikes when selecting units or creating new units or buildings
-Fixed lag spike at the start of the battle level cinematic
-New players starting the game will see the High shadow settings, makes game look much better
-Reduced visual memory usage by 310Mbs (900 MBs on older video cards)
-Improving the game shadows for many lower and mid range system players
-Lower end systems will experience up to 20 FPS increase with lowest Model Quality Settings
-High end systems will benefit from better visual quality with High or Highest model quality settings
-Small downgrade of the building art quality to improve performance
-Fixed Lagspike on campaign map when opening town or garrison menus

-Total re-balance of all units in a new tier system. Higher tier unit cost a lot more and are a lot more effective
-Unit Tier balance rules – higher tier units cost up to 4x more resources and can face several lower tier units
-Total re-balance of projectile of mobile and tower based siege weapons – a lot more powerful, accurate and expensive
-Mounted Weapons are several times more resistance to arrows – best approach is to climb the walls to kill them
-Battle AI is a lot easier and slower on Easy Difficulty
-Trees, especially small trees hold a lot more wood resources
-Towers and palisade walls are a lot more resistant to Ballista and Catapult fire