Update 35 – More Improvements – is Here!

Hello Everyone,

What a busy week. We are making a lot of progress on the Diplomacy, and can`t wait to share it with you – but looks like we are still 10+ days away from the first draft.

Our animator and artist are busy preparing a unique look for each of the 52 Lords and 14 Rules in the game, and OddConfection is coding away at this monster of the project at full speed.

Since Diplomacy is taking a while to finish, we took a bit of time to prepare another big update to ease up the wait. And really this updated turned into quite a game changer. From new towns, to awesome new AI behavior, as well as greatly balancing out the mid to late game and the challenge. And of-course couple of dozen of ‘quality of life’ fixes and improvements.

There`s a small chance that this update can bring back the lag and the crashes, if so please let us know and we`ll hot fix this ASAP.

As always – thanks for your support, and please keep these suggestions and bug reports coming.

New Features
-New AI world map army behavior – will chase after other armies in range
-New level – Town of Caen. Will be used for several of the world map towns
-AI city defender will sally forth and attack if they are are significantly stronger than the attacker
-Attack cursor only shows over enemy units/buildings, not allies or neutral
-Marshall highlights AI armies on the way to attack player

Fixes and Improvements
-Removed various fade out effects from Advisors
-0 strength armies are now properly removed
-Potential fix for auto pausing when double attack happens
-Not spawning all siege weapons in naval combat, only ranged siege weapons
-Creating a new army only offers one option to recruit a base army
-Fixed both palisade and stone wall overlapping in player and AI towns
-Hiding World Map GUI on Campaign first run, so Advisors don’t overlap subtitles
-Moderator Announcement stays up for 30sec
-Moderate improvement to tasking units onto towers
-Showing unit upkeep/income cost in all mouse-over pops-up including training and building construction
-After auto-resolve units in the army are updated to show the losses right away
-Properly spawn entire army or town garrison if there are a lot of units of the same type, instead of bundling them up by the town hall
-Re-ordered nations for campaign selection menu
-It`s now a low easier to intercept AI armies that seek battle
-With single unit select can move the camera by RMB and move

AI Changes
-AI constructs a lot of siege defenses on the town walls
-AI is a lot better at closing town gates to stop player from rushing in
-AI is a lot better at attacking player towns, especially large castles
-AI serfs should target trees closest to their town hall first
-AI will not pause the attacks if it runs out of siege weapons, will always construct new rams
-AI repairs buildings a lot less often, giving player a chance to properly destroy them

Balance Changes
-Greatly increased the cost of creating a new army
-Greatly increased the cost of technology research
-Technology tree cost increases with progression
-Livestock and workers generate a lot more silver on the world map