Update 37 – Diplomacy Part I & New Hamlets

Hello Everyone,

And welcome to the game changing update 37. It took us over 3 weeks to finish this big update, but the changes, especially under the hood, were really massive. Moving forward we are back to regular updates that will add more Diplomacy features over the next several weeks, until it`s finally good and done.

The first big addition of 37, are the all new Hamlets. The smaller towns will provide a lot of fun development and unique siege opportunities with dozens of new hamlet designs – from rivers and hills to mountains and coastal hamlets.

Now lets talk about the new Diplomacy features. With this update we are only adding the foundation, including the 66 AI lords, Chancellor menu, and historically accurate starting diplomatic relations. You will be able to see the scope of the diplomatic system, and the starting conditions will effect your gameplay, but at this point 70% of the work went under the hood to develop the foundation of the system.

The next step that will really change things around is adding ability to make simple treaties, as well as AI changing relations between lords and kingdoms. This will be in our next update.

And of-course we included a dozen of other key fixes and improvements that were top player requests or complaints on our forums.

As always – Thanks for your support!

And so – presenting Update # 37:

New Features
-Chancellor Diplomacy window added
-Starting Diplomatic conditions added
-Total of 66 AI lords and kings added
-All the Hamlets on the worldmap updated with new levels depending on terrain
-Coastal Hamlets added with geographically accurate rotation
-River Hamlets added with geographically accurate rotation
-Mountain Hamlets added
-Hill Hamlets added

Fixes and Improvements
-Fixed major issue with AI armies not attacking player armies
-Intercepting AI armies now works 100% of the time
-World Map armies now display the color of their nation better
-Updated world map armies
-AI world map armies and towns now show details of the lord that owns them
-Added Diplomacy button to AI towns and Armies
-Only nations at war with player nation will attack the player
-New campaign menu delete campaign button
-Corrected “Nordingen” to “Nördlingen” and “Magbeburg” to “Magdeburg”
-Fixed level 10 units shows as level 0 on the world map

Balance Changes
-Unit income and upkeep adjusted for difficulty. 30% difference from current levels on medium, and 60% on easy
-Hobelar Cavalry now has trample ability
-Belfry move speed greatly reduced
-small reduction to serf income generation by 25%