Update 39 – Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone,

As we are all waiting for a New Year with hope, we would like to thank all of our players for overwhelming support in 2017, and giving us an opportunity to continue working on Medieval Kingdom Wars. From our small team, we would like to wish everyone an amazing year ahead!

Now… to end the year on a good note, we have quite an update for you today. We took a step back from Diplomacy this week (big update there next week), and instead took our time to improve, balance and polish MKW, to give you the best possible experience with the game over remaining Holidays. Update 39 comes with nearly 50 changes that should improve MKW across the board.

In the next update we will add Kingdom rebellion mechanics to penalize player for attacking his own Kingdom. Same time we will work towards player being able to become a King of his realm, and expand AIs use of Diplomacy.

We are grateful for your support, and hope you enjoy this update.

And so – presenting Update # 39:

New Features
-Caen like town levels – major redesign, just one way into the castle with extra defenses
-Nantes like town levels – major redesign, a lot more defenses, and removed one entrance
-Major change to combat flow, units survive in combat much longer, by 50%
-Defensive war slowly increases diplomatic standing, but aggressive war – attacking enemy towns, decreases standing
-Added various stone towers to all Level 5 Hamlets
-AI infantry will now attack closed palisade gates
-Town Capture flag will be very difficult to capture if defenders have over 18 units left
-All buildings now properly create units at the entrance
-AI Armies now also show Diplomacy icon

Fixes and Improvements
-Reworked Stone and Iron icons, much clearer and unique now
-Updated world map intro text, only English version for now
-Fixed auto-resolve exploit where only couple of peasants would get removed on victory
-Fixed issue with world map banners not showing in tutorial
-Fixed issue with workers getting stuck after leaving Town Hall in some Hamlets
-Max zoom out slightly lowered in RTS combat, by 10%
-Zoom in speed is now significantly faster
-Fixed a spot in Paris that was causing lag as defender siege weapons were inaccessible
-Fixed issue in Dover with inner palisade gatehouse missing
-Fixed water bug on lower water settings
-Fixed bug with deer model bugging out with odd visuals
-Fixed issues with melee units barely being able to alack closed palisade gates
-Fixed issues with units barely being able to attack Gate Gears
-Player infantry will auto-attack closed gates
-Nantes level greatly improved lag on this level

Balance Changes
-AI now attacks a bit more on medium difficulty, and a lot more on hard difficulty
-AI will train troops during battles around 50% faster on hard difficulty, and 20% faster on easy and medium difficulty
-AI uses a less siege units in high level armies
-Sending Diplomatic Gifts and Insults are now a lot cheaper
-Update starting diplomatic relations value for all nations
-Diplomatic relations deteriorate or improve every month twice as fast
-War and Peace are now auto signed at -30 and 30 relations value
-Silver drain increase 20% on Hard difficulty, and 10% on medium difficulty
-Victory rewards reduced by 20% to 40% depending on difficulty
-Reduced tax revenue by 10% on medium and by 25% on hard
-Minor reduction to how many units army can use during auto resolve
-Mounted units now also have bonus VS siege weapons
-Small nerf to Hobelar stamina, health and attack (~10%)
-Mantlet can now take 3 times more ranged damage
-Army Tents now add more population 5 total, 40% increase