Update 40 – Starting The Year Right!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well refreshed (or at least no longer hungover) we are jumping right back to work, with two big updates this week, 40 Part I and II.

Hopefully everyone had an amazing New Year celebration, and is ready for more Medieval Kingdom Wars. We`ll be back to work on the major diplomacy features next week, but for now, it`s time to fix last of the remaining bugs and tune up the balancing just right, based on our player feedback.

Please keep in mind, this update now has three parts. Part I and II are online, and part 3 should be live later today, it`ll include fixing the long initial loading time bug, as well as adding Save Game to the skirmish.

And so – presenting Part I of the Update # 40:

-Fixed rare zoom camera bug making game unplayable for some players
-Corrected Diplomacy gift and insult showing incorrect higher cost value
-Corrected Diplomatic relations changes on attacking at war and at peace AIs
-Completely reworked auto-resolve, with a lot of realistic factors
-Much stronger armies in auto-resolve will barely loose any units
-Disable Silver Drain when managing towns
-Greatly reduced silver drain when attacking towns (by up to 50%)
-Reduce Unit Upkeep by 30% to 40%
-Reduced Building Upkeep from 40% to 60%
-Fixed issues with AI armies attacking player at the start of the campaign
-Temporarily removed Camera speed options
-Updated Iron icon so it doesn`t overlap text

And Part II of the Update # 40:

-Battle AI is now much better than engaging player in open field, and during melee and range fighting in sieges
-Fixed camera but with camera jumping to the edge of the screen on it`s own
-First set of achievements added – 20 new achievements
-Enabled Steam Trading Card drop
-Temporary returning to slower zoom in/out speed