Update 41 – Fast and Save

Hey Everyone,

It`s amazing to see that so many of you are enjoying MKW. And always awesome to see so many players online. We want to thank you for all the support and encouragement. Your feedback, reviews and suggestions mean a world to us, and really do inspire us to pull more and more overtime as we work on new features.

With that said – we have a 3rd update this week, and was about time to change the game version for 41. Today is a good one! We`ll be back to work on the major diplomacy features next week, but for now, it`s time to fix last of the remaining bugs and tune up the balancing just right, based on our player feedback.

And so – presenting Update # 41:

New Features
-Greatly reduced initial loading time, from 1 minute average to around 20 seconds
-Fixed major bug with game getting stuck on a black screen
-Fixed major bug with first game loading time taking up to 10 minutes
-Added Save Game feature to Skirmish
-Added Continue button to Skirmish (just to continue the one current save for now)

Fixes and Improvements
-Added Discord button to the Skirmish – Social menu
-Minor change to the in-game camera angle, bigger angle, covers more ground
-Significantly Faster Zoom and Camera Scroll speed
-Fixed major bug on Campaign Selection screen, some players could not select all nations
-German and Italian translation for the Welcome to Campaign quest
-Fixed major issue with AI sometimes failing to attack large player towns
-AI will act much better during sieges on large player towns
-Corrected Siege Defender and Field Battle Commander achievements
-Fix the bug with buildings sometimes not getting destroyed and staying at 1 HP
-Fixed Auto-Resolve exploit, where only weakest units would get removed

Balance Changes
-Weak units like serfs and livestock are 2 times as likely to survive auto-resolve now
-AI attacks less often (30% less) especially on hard and medium difficulty