Update 42 – Another Day in the Office

Hey Everyone,

The past few days have been an amazing experience for our team. We started MKW as a small indie title, never expected to compete with top strategy games. But now – thanks to all your overwhelming support, and amazing feedback, we know that we are working on something special here. Sure – we still have months and months of work ahead of us, and this is just an early pre-alpha build, but we are encouraged like never before. These long days at the office are that much easier now. Thank You!!!

With our forth update this week, it was time to work on some major additions. So we picked the three most player requested features. From a full events log, and social list in the campaign, to the regional non-English chat channels. In addition we hope we finally fixed the last crash in-game, that annoying CTD on the loading screen.

We have big plans for the week ahead, as we continue work to address most of your requests and suggestions. Here`s to another great week ahead.

And so – presenting Update # 42:

New Features
-New Messenger adviser added to the campaign
-Social List added to the campaign in Messenger menu
-Events log added to the campaign in the Messenger menu
-Added new chat channels – Campaign and Off-Topic
-Added a localized non-English chat channel
-Added French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian chat channels
-Added new dialogue lines for Chancellor for War and Peace being declared

Fixes and Improvements
-Possible fix for crash during the loading screen
-No longer playing town cinematic when managing the town
-Saving value for the Enemy Withdrawal Timer in for Skirmish Saved Game
-Corrected inner palisade walls in Orleans having a hole