Update 43 – Tactical Pause & Heraldry

Hey Everyone,

We are starting this week with another major update. Over the past several days we have read and answered over a hundred posts on our forums, and had countless hours of conversations with our players in-game. And I must say, your feedback was really an eye-opener. As a result – we are greatly changing our production plan for the next couple of months, to concentrate elusively on our player suggestions and feedback.

Today`s update is the first of many more to come until we implement majority of your suggestions and requests. Update 43 added a Tactical Pause, speed controls in combat and town management, new world map Heraldry and so much more. We will follow up tomorrow with a smaller update to improve and expand some of the new features added today. And please note – there`s a small issue with Tactical Pause, you must select a unit before pressing the Pause Button for it to work, but we will be correcting this in 24 hours.

We are very grateful for your feedback, and the support!

UPDATED – This was added as part of the 43 B:
-Fixed crash at the end of large town siege when capturing the flag
-Improved how world map town banners look
-Added sound effects for tactical pause
-Fixed problem with town flag capture taking extremely long time in large towns
-Fixed problem with being able to build several building in the same spot when paused
-Fixed issue with day and night dial being shown on the world map

And so – presenting Update # 43:

Major New Features
-Added Tactical pause feature – pause and issue commands – to the battles and Town Management
-PLEASE NOTE: Tactical Pause will only work if you select a unit before pressing the Pause button. This will be fixed in 24 hours.
-Game Speed Control added to the Battles and Town Management
-New Day and Night wheel for the towns and battles, art to be updated
-World Map now shows heraldry instead of flags on all towns and hamlets
-Added Heraldry on top of all Lord and King portraits

Fixes and Improvements
-Added Battle chat back to the multiplayer
-Fixed major issue with large town sieges with AI constantly repairing and rebuilding
-Improved how the game responds when issuing orders and accidentally right click dragging the screen
-Dover, fixed incorrectly rotated palisade gatehouse
-Your units will no longer attack enemy citizens
-Saved Skirmish games not properly remember which gate was closed and which opened
-Fixed main menu getting stuck and appearing in campaign
-Scribe news log now sorts events by the month and year
-Added a warning when joining a multiplayer game, and you or the host have old game version