Update 44 – Cloud, Tooltips, Name

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and glad to see so many of you chose to spend your well deserved time off with Medieval Kingdom Wars.

We are starting this week with another big update. As we continue to work our way through you requests and suggestions we worked on finally adding Steam Cloud saves, that now work both for campaign and skirmish. Another long overdue feature added are the loading-screen tips. We also worked changed how the player heraldry works on the world map, fixed issues with tactical pause and added an option to change your username. In addition several highly requested fixes, and a lot of work was done on preparing Chinese and Portuguese localization – it should be ready sometime next week.

Later this week we will concentrate on more player reported issues, such as hamlet walls problems, as well as performance. We should have another update towards Thursday afternoon.

Thanks for all your support, feedback and reviews!

And so – presenting Update # 44:

Major New Features
-Steam Cloud save for the campaign
-Added 32 new loading screen tips, English only for now
-Change Name option now available in Skirmish menu version of Social
-New way to display player Heraldry on the world map
-New Player Heraldry separate from the Kingdom Heraldry

Fixes and Improvements
-Fixed issue with Tactical Pause not always working
-Campaign map will center on the last used army or town when returning to it
-Fixed issues with Scribe social window getting stuck on screen
-Localization translation added for everything by the tool-tips and few more lines
-Corrected major problem in Spanish localization
-Lots of ground work for Portuguese and Chinese localization – eta 1 week