Update 45 – Portuguese Language & Improvements

Hey Everyone,

As we end this week we have another great update for you. Finally after so many requests we are glad to say that Portuguese translation is here! Keep in mind that there are probably some minor issues with this first draft of localization, and we are looking for a native Portuguese BR speaker to help us proof-read and improve the translation.

This updates also brings over a dozen of very important fixes and improvements. For starters we have 100% fixed all of the crash to desktop issue during loading screen. Visual performance has also been improved. In addition we`ve included few more fixes and changes requested by our players.

In our next update we`ll finally fix the last of the combat crashes, making MKW crash free, yay. Same time we are continuing work on Chinese translation, and should be ready to go live in the next update – scheduled for Friday next week.

And so – presenting Update # 45:

Major New Features
-Add Portuguese translation of the game
-Fixed ALL crash bugs during loading screens
-Updated texture of all the king characters
-Greatly decreased the load time of Chancellor window
-Reduced visual memory use by over 150 mbs
-AI army strength will now get reduced when it wins auto-resolve battles
-If AI army is a lot stronger than player army in auto-resolve, it will eliminate player army
-Greatly improved visual performance on the world map on all game settings

Fixes and Improvements
-Updated how buying resources at the Steward window works – much easier and quicker
-Greatly improved how world map looks on the Lowest settings
-World Map on lowest settings now has trees and houses
-Fixed problem with high or slow game speed continuing onto the world map
-Fixed issues with hamlet walls if upgrading inner walls first
-Fixed issues with hamlet walls when capturing AI hamlet with built walls
-Fixed exploit with selling buildings on the world map
-Fixed auto-resolve exploit with AI constantly attacking player army to generate resources
-Fixed town of Nordingen on the world map
-Lowered World Map zoom by around 20%
-On re-connection, switch to Online mode and re-open chat
-Chat will no longer ever open in offline mode
-Fixed major issue with last level of Tutorial not opening
-A lot of work on the game fonts in preparation for Chinese localization
-Translated all the text in all languages including tooltips and other new text
-Greatly improved the Spanish translation, courtesy of Javi Garrido

Balance Changes
-Easy Difficulty much easier: more taxes and starting silver, AI attacks a lot less
-Different starting Silver values depending on Campaign Difficulty
-Deleting building on the world map only returns 25% of the cost now