Update 46 – Chinese Language & Improvements

Hey Everyone,

I`m back after a short trip and we are right back into it, with a monumental update, that`s extremely overdue. With Chinese players representing over 60% of the Steam players, and huge share of MKW players as well, it`s about time that we add a proper Chinese translation. Due to various tech issues – mainly having our own game engine – the workload to enable Chinese characters took us a very long time to complete. But finally – we are here. In addition we are considering translating all voice overs into Chinese as well to have a 100% localization.

This update also finally fixes the foreign player chat issues, as well as addresses a few more problems – including the infamous Hamlet Wall bug.

You will also notice a cap on how much resources your town can hold in RTS mode. For now it`s set at 4999, but we will adjust it based on your feedback. Also in the next update we`ll make certain buildings like Storehouse increase this resources cap.

And so presenting Update 46:

-Full Chinese Translation
-Added resource cap to RTS mode. Capped at 4999 per resource
-Regional foreign chat will now properly work
-Fixed displaying non-English characters in the chat
-Fixed problems with Serfs not saving their location in RTS mode
-Final fix for All the Hamlet Wall issues
-A lot of changes under the hood – major code revision
-AI will progress in game much faster on hard difficulty
-AI will progress in campaign much slower on easy difficulty
-Fixed issues in Portuguese translation
-Reduced volume of the company logo splash screen