Update 47 – Wall Defenses and Hamlet Skirmish

Hey Everyone,

We are wrapping this week with another big update, and as become the norm in the past few weeks – we are again working on the top player requested features. Over the past few weeks we tried to incorporate as much player feedback as possible into the game, but it`s time to get back to working on the big features – so next week we are returning to more diplomacy features, polishing up Techs, and opening way to work on CoOp features towards early March.

Today`s update finally adds saving of the wall mounted defenses built during battles. In addition auto-resolve will level up units. We also took some time to address the town storage capacity based on player feedback. And last but not least, you`ll notice the first of the several upcoming pathfinding and combat improvements. In addition a brand new Skirmish mode – defending or besieging a Hamlet.

Best wishes for the weekend! And so, presenting Update 47:

New Features
-Combat and Pathfinding update – reworked how units get stuck or slow-downed when moving through tight passages
-All wall mounted defenses and siege weapons now permanently save
-All wall mounted defenses and siege weapons can now be constructed in town view mode
-Constructing a storehouse now adds 3000 to the town storage
-Auto-resolving battles levels up units
-Final round of a updating and cleaning up the engine code
-New Skirmish game mode – Army vs Hamlet

Fixes and Improvements
-Updated town view mode description, no longer any temps there
-Updated Storehouse description
-Fixed common arrow with AI fire and flaming siege not working
-Fixed props (weapons, hats) on a couple of units showing up as white or missing
-Larger font for the next on screen
-Resources bar now shows town storage limit
-Temporary Disabled Wall Hoarding upgrade

Balance Changes
-Town Storage increased to 6000
-Nerfed Swordsman unit, nearly 20% reduction in stats