Update 48 – Saves and Rebellions, Happy Lunar New Year

Hey Everyone,

For so many of our players it`s time to ring in the new year – so to everyone who celebrates the Lunar calendar – best wishes from our team! We are really glad that recent addition of Chinese localization helped us welcome a lot of new players!

Now, to talk about this week`s update. We are getting back on track with our production plans and continuing work on major new features. Today`s update bring two major additions to the game – Kingdom Rebellions and Campaign Battle Saving.

New battle save features will automatically and manually save campaign battles and automatically resume them when you reload your campaign. As we are still working on solution to the occasional crash in battles, the save feature should help minimize the lost progress. And overall it makes things are lot friendly when it comes to these long major town sieges.

Rebellions game mechanic will no longer let you attack your own Kingdom without penalties. If your standing with your King falls bellow 0, you will be declared an outlaw and a rebel and find yourself hunter by your own kind. But corruption is your friend here, and for a good bribe your King will turn a blind eye to you carving out his Kingdom for yourself.

A lot more awesome diplomatic options are coming soon, including being able to depose your King and crown yourself or the other Lord in your Kingdom. In addition we are working on a complete rewrite of the world map campaign AI, it`s making it a lot smarter and changes things from Kingdoms attacking each other, to individual lords waging their wars on their own or by their King`s command. You can expect all of these awesome features later on in February.

Best Wishes to everyone celebrating Lunar New Year! And so – presenting Update 48:

New Features
-Resuming campaign battles, if player quit or crashed during the battle
-Campaign Menu shows Resume Battle crossed swords symbols if save is available
-Added auto-saving every few minutes to campaign battles
-Added manual saving to the campaign battles – in the Pause Menu
-Player Rebellion & outlaw feature implements if standing with your King falls bellow 0
-Player can send Gifts and Insults within their own Kingdom to raise or lower standing
-Your own nation will actively attack you if your declared an outlaw

Fixes and Improvements
-Player Nation shows Standing with the King instead of a Diplomatic Relations value
-Diplomacy window shows Peace icons for each nation
-Fixed issue with resources lost despite sufficient resource cap at start of scenarios
-Changed the look of the Diplomacy window – all the Kingdoms in the certain spot in the list