Update 49 – Game Changer…

Hey Everyone,

After nearly two weeks of grueling work we are happy to present you update 49, that we, with a good reason, are calling the “game changer”

From total rework of the world map AI rules and behavior, to finalizing the core diplomacy and completely reworking how it integrates into the game… We are also introducing taking over Kingdoms and eliminating other lords and countries… And so much more, for example the long requested feature where we have pre-made unit groups in battles, sorted by unit type

Everything you do will require careful planning and diplomacy now, having one enemy at the time will become critical to your success. This will make the game a lot more fun for our veteran players as well.

And last but not least – this update finally includes saving unit hitpoints and member count after the battles. There`s no such thing as a perfect lossless battle now – so get ready to see your empires crumble.

Please keep in mind that with update of this size, we might come across a couple of new bugs over the next 24 hours. If you encounter some weirdness please let us know.

And yes – this update – as always – is save game compatible.

And so, presenting Update 49:

New Features
-Player and AI Units remember their Hit Points after the battle
-Auto-resolve can now damage unit instead of destroying it
-Each lord, rather than nation, launches their own attacks
-Banners show War and Peace icons for non-player nation controlled towns
-AI will be able to raise a lot more armies – 1.5x on medium, and 2x on hard
-RTS GUI now includes unit type group buttons added (WIP)
-Defeated Lords are removed from the Chancellor window
-Major event log changes
-When a nation is destroyed, and it`s King falls, it`s removed from diplomacy list

Fixes and Improvements
-Chancellor menu shows if player is an Outlaw (at war with his own Kingdom)
-Event log will no longer show lines about AI army movement vs other AI towns
-Event log will show relative messages a lot longer
-Notification when AI lord, and AI Kind dying in battle
-Fixed major problem with Hamlet garrisons not increasing properly as the game progresses
-Fixed bug with Hamlet garrisons resetting to default on reload of the world map
-SPACE pauses/unpauses world map or battle map

Balance Changes
-Players initial standing within their Kingdom is now 25 instead of 0.
-Town garrisons – Restore 10%/20%/30% health based on Campaign Difficult per month (reversed for AI)