Update 51 – Attack Window and Weeklong Sale

Hey Everyone,

It`s amazing to see that so many of you are enjoying MKW, especially now that we have hundreds of players online at once. We want to take a moment to thank All of You for all the support and encouragement. Your feedback, reviews and suggestions mean a world to us, and really do inspire us to pull more and more overtime as we work on new features.

This and next week we have really great updates for you…

This week – introducing the long overdue attack window, which was sorely missed and really adds to the game. We also added a good way to capture these large strong AI towns – without 2 hour long battles – by using multiple attack auto-resolve, as garrisons now take damage. Same time we included several highly requested bug fixes and improvements.

Also next week (around April 3rd) – is a monumental step forward, as we plan to increase the number of playable factions to ~50. Instead of selecting a Kingdom – player will be able to choose to play as any of the Lords on the world map. Each Lord comes with very different starting conditions – from 1 hamlet to several hamlets, some even start with couple of large towns. Aside from different starting position, we are working to add as much difference as possible to these play-through, through starting resources, ranking with the king, and relations with other nations. Personally can`t wait to try it our next week:)

Best wishes for the weekend! And for now, presenting Update 51:

-New attack window layout
-Lords, army and other details added for the attack window
-Auto-resolve attacks on AI towns will result in AI garrison taking damage
-A way to capture large town through auto-resolve with several armies
-Fixed major issue with hamlets sometimes appearing empty
-Fixed major out of sync problem in multiplayer games with pressing Space
-Fixed bug with healing units in armies resulting in red health
-Re-balanced how much damage AI garrison takes in auto-resolve
-Fixed issue with renamed armies/towns not showing in Transfer units dialogue
-Fixed common error with Steward crafting window