Update 52 – Massive Update & Price Change

Hey Everyone,

After two busy weeks its time to present another massive update # 52… and for the lack of any better ideas we called it just that – a Massive Update. With over a dozen major new features and additions it`s one of the biggest updates we had so far: Over 50 new starting Lords (increased from 14), population happiness with lots of gameplay effects, first round of interface updates, renown implemented, cheats enabled and so much more.

And seeing how far MKW has come since Early Access launch earlier in 2017, we feel that the time is right for a price increase, to represent all the additional value. This is also fair to our early adopters and these who supported the game during the Pre-Alpha period. So… after careful consideration, we have decided to set the new price of the game to 30 USD (or your regional equivalent). If you have any questions or concerns about this – please let us know.

And as the Spring continues, we have several truly exciting updates on the way. In the next update 53 we`ll be presenting the long awaited multiple armies feature. Next up in 54 we`ll be wrapping up Diplomacy and reworking campaign AI. And finally in 55 we`ll implement first of campaign CoOp features. Around this time we should also see the first installment of the long-awaited DirectX 11 update, as well as four new major towns, and new terrain sets (desert, forests e.t.c)

Best wishes for the weekend ahead, and for now, presenting Update #52:

New Starting Lords
-Campaign Creation screen now has entirely new layout
-Over 50 different starting scenarios now for each Lord on the world map
-Each Lord comes with its own starting settlements, renown, standing and so on
-Player will get to play as that particular Lord, and not a generic minor Lord

Other Major Changes
-Towns and Hamlets should gain +6 combat strength for each level
-Constructing each layer of palisade wall will add +4 combat strength to hamlet/town, +8 for each stone wall
-New way to limit RTS city management – as it decreases population happiness on entering the city, and on continuously staying there
-Hamlets and cities produces a lot less trade goods every month (only effects new campaigns)
-Kingdom that has been defeated is now properly disabled, but for now remains in the Chancellor list

Population Happiness
-Enabled population Happiness
-Adjusted relation between happiness and taxes – system now properly works
-Happiness value changed to % instead of descriptive words
-Added a positive/negative indicators for Citizen Mood and which way it`s progressing
-Very Happy cities (+75) produce 2x trade goods
-Unhappy cities (-25) don’t produce trade items
-Very Unhappy citizens (-50) deny entry to town (view/manage)
-Rebellious cities (-75) stop producing taxes the month after they become rebellious
-Constructing Church, Academy, Market, Hospital improve Happiness
-Constructing Barn, Storehouse, Blacksmith, Stone Mine, Iron Mine, Armorer decreases happiness
-Military Units add to the happiness in the city

GUI Updates
-GUI Updates – changed how much windows fade out the screen when opened – easier to see the screen behind them
-GUI Updates – completely redesigned black transparent window for all GUI windows

Renown Enabled
-Enabled Renown system
-Starting renown for players Lord
-Renown is gained or lost through battles: +/-1 for Army vs Army
-Renown is gained or lost through controlling or loosing town assets +/-City Strength/Level of the town/hamlet gained or lost

Cheats Enabled
-Added Cheat Commands, can be used in the campaign or skirmish in chat:
/merchant – gives 10 of each trade item (only on the world map)
/silver – gives 5000 silver (only on the world map)
/food – gives 1000 food (only in RTS mode)
/wood – gives 1000 wood (only in RTS mode)
/stone – gives 1000 stone (only in RTS mode)
/iron – gives 1000 iron (only in RTS mode)
-Campaign menu will permanently display a white♥♥♥♥♥by the campaign where cheats were used
-Campaigns that have been cheated in can’t gain Achievements

Other Fixes and Changes
-Greatly increased the cost of some buildings: market, blacksmith, armory, church, hospital, academy
-Pre-made unit groups show better – increased transparency for unused groups, overlay only shown on active groups
-Significantly reduced healing cost, about 40% less now and healing makes a lot more sense
-Fixed major bug constantly disconnecting some players from the game
-On server lost connection offline mode activated without kicking the player out
-Fixed bug with units walking through walls in Calais and some other hamlets
-City name shows in View/Battle over Day/Night clock