Update 53 – Menu, Banners, Balancing

Hey Everyone,

Another solid update today addressing more of our player requests. Together with an overdue update of the main menu, we have included a long requested feature of adding banners to buildings. In the near future we also plan something similar for the units. In addition to work on various game pause issues, and world map army creation fixes we spent a bit of time improving the balancing on Happiness and Storage.

Meanwhile we are still working on the multiple armies in battle and auto-resolve feature… Yes it`s taking us quite a bit, as complexity of the whole feature, and how it then ties into upcoming CoOp is not to be underestimated. We are confident about getting the multiple army attack feature ready for you next week though.

We are aiming to have our next update 54 early next week.

And so, presenting Update # 53:

-Updated main menu scene and music
-Added name tag banner to all buildings
-Added banner to construction plots
-Citizen mood icon now changes color based on happiness level
-Cities now properly create armies on the world map if game is paused
-Fixed various issues with getting attacked on the world map while game is paused
-Creating a new campaign shows world map in background, centered on current nation’s capital
-Barn and Storehouse Buildings no longer reduce happiness
-Academy, Church and University buildings improve happiness a lot more
-Default Town Storage limit reduced to 4,000
-Storehouse adds 2,000 to storage
-Starting standing with the respective King reduced for all starting lords
-Fixed last instances of speed controls not showing in battle