Update # 6 is Live!

Dear Players,

To end this busy week, another major updates for you. Once again singleplayer campaign is getting a lot of love, and lots of new features. From GUI additions like cycling through the towns your control, or finally being able to build and save walls in your cities. But even more important – a lot of polish and balancing, making campaign more and more playable.

We want to wish everyone a great weekend ahead; We have a very exciting week ahead with two more massive updates. Next week we are bringing new levels, including sea side and forest Hamlets, as well as the Army vs Army combat in Skirmish and in the campaign.

As always – Thank You for your continuous support!

And so – presenting Update # 6

-Walls now save in Campaign City View
-Disabled wall upgrades construction in Campaign City View
-Wall Mounted Siege Defense and Tech Research will no longer show in View Town Mode
-AI will not longer attack with 2 or 3 armies at once
-AI attacks will now come from different towns, depending on their situation, not the same town all the time
-Added Next Town arrows for the City Management screen
-Fixed bad bug with winning a battle not always giving the hamlet on the world map
-Auto-Resolve will not longer let very weak armies capture high level targets
-Fixed bug with winning battles reducing army level
-Improved World Map Mini Map art
-A lot more props and proper destruction for wall segments
-Fixed missing wall segment at Orleans