Updates # 3 & 4 Are Live!

Dear Players,

To end this busy week, we have not one, but two major updates for you. I know that might sound a bit confusing – so let’s just call it Massive Update # 4… yeah nevermind, it`s Friday:)
And this hm…. Update 4 is huge! At this point, we can say that Campaign is finally more or less playable, albeit still short some very core functions – like managing units and buildings on the World Map, but we`ll be sure to add it next week.

We want to wish everyone a great weekend ahead; we`ll b finally taking a couple of days off for some RnR. We have a very exciting week ahead with two more massive updates, adding more and more Grand Campaign gameplay.

As always – Thank You for your continuous support!

And so – presenting Update # 4

Major Changes
– World Map AI – nations will attack each other and Player
– Campaign battles victory condition changes to Capture the Flag
– Added new campaign battle types – AI attacks Player Towns and Hamlets
– In Campaign – player can now enter Cities and Hamlets to manage them – resources and buildings
– In Campaign – winning battle ends with all current buildings and resources to be saving
– World News feed for AI attack/capture messages
– 250 per strength limit for City/Hamlet treasury/tax storage
– Added new victory condition to Skirmish – Capture the flag
– Hamlet battle level design significantly improved
– Hamlets are now different depending on Development level, and location on the world map
– Flags added to all Cities/Hamlets (still issue with Fog of War)
– World Map GUI remains by grayed out slightly when Managing City
– Removing excess Town Halls, Plots and props from View and Attack modes
– Wall control points are given to player/AI in Hamlet View and Attack modes
– Only Defender control points are shown on minimap
– Post/Pole for Menu buttons is centered now
– Campaign slots show Coins and in-game Month, Year
– Fixed army conversion to Ship
– Serfs can now greatly assist with building construction – task Serf on a building in progress
– All siege weapons now have characters operating and moving them
– Added various flags and props to vast majority of palisade and stone walls and towers
– When stone or palisade towers are destroyed – props will no longer fly in the air
– Fixed Total Annihilation condition. Player will not loose on start, and it`s easier to defeat someone
– Fix bug with army getting removed after fighting and winning a battle
– Serfs are a lot better with gathering and dropping off wood over long distances

Minor Changes
– Army size gets smaller by 1 if player wins in auto-resolve
– Wall mounted Siege Weapons no longer reduce population
– Wall mounted Siege Weapons – are 40% more resistant to arrow attacks – have to climb to kill them
– Tax rate adjusts in 5% increments
– Tax income reduced 5 x
– Balanced out city and hamlet strength on the world map
– Mines can no longer be attacked and destroyed by your own workers
– Increased City flag view from 384 to 512
– World Map now longer cut off on the right and the bottom
– French nation color changed – so not the same as our player
– Building Plots reveal the level better
– Loading screen music is not as loud now
– Palisade and Stone walls are 25% cheaper
– Battle starting resources reduced by around 40%